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Free Roof Inspections

Wind Demage

Illinois Pro Adjusters Offers Free Roof & Hail Inspections

Flood Claims

Flloded House


It takes an experienced team to deal with a flood claim. Serving Illinois commercial and residential properties. PROFESSIONAL ADJUSTER has what it takes to get the settlement you deserve.

Our experts will make sure that your property and structures are cleaned properly because we understand how valuable and important your belongings are.

During the cold winter months, Frigid temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze; the materials can expand when the water inside freezes. Once a frozen pipe bursts the water will begin flowing — not good news for your carpets, furniture, drywall and the rest of your home. Please let us help you. Call for a FREE inspection!

Fire Claim

House on Fire

ILLINOIS PRO ADJUSTERS has helped thousands of families who have been forced out of their homes or businesses because of fire damage.

Our team of Illinois certified public adjusters know that you can get burnt out trying to settle the claim on your own.

When you call on us to help with your fire damage claim, we will immediately start to lift the burden off your shoulders. We start by protecting your property, taking inventory of the damages, review your insurance policy, meeting with the insurance adjuster and being by your side every step of the way.

Wind Damage

Wind Damage

If your roof is damaged and has missing shingles due to wind  storm, please call ILLINOIS PRO ADJUSTERS, we are a Public Adjuster Firm dedicated to protecting the rights of the homeowner.

When a homeowner files a claim, most likely the insurance adjuster will turn it down; they are trained and paid to protect the interest of the insurance company, But if the claim is handled by a certified public adjuster, it can be approved and the homeowner will get a free new roof. In some cases paying only the deductible.

If your claim for a new roof has been denied, please call us, we can help to get you approved.

Hail Damage

Hail Damage

Hail damage is not always visible to the Human eye, We as Experts offer Free roof inspections to find any damage caused by hail. These hail damages can lead to furthers damages on your house like future leaks. If you hear of a hail storm in your area Call us for any other questions or to set an appointment.


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