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Illinois Pro Adjusters Inc. Is a Public Adjuster Firm dedicated to protecting the rights of the consumers against the insurance companies. We are a team of professionals licensed and certified by the state of Illinois to represent the homeowner in claims such as roof damage and replacement, flood and water damage, fire loss and restoration.

Illinois Pro Adjusters works for you, not for the insurance companies. If you have been denied a new roof, please let us file your claim, we can get you approved.

How Can We Help You

If your roof is damaged and has missing shingles due to a wind or a hail storm, please call ILLINOIS PRO ADJUSTERS, we are a Public Adjuster Firm dedicated to protect the rights of the homeowner. When a homeowner files a claim, most likely the insurance adjuster will turn it down; they are trained and paid to protect the interest of the insurance company, But if the claim is handled by a certified public adjuster, it can be approved and the homeowner will get a free new roof.